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With over 10 years experience providing essential components for high performance commercial kitchens, we understand your unique challenges and can tackle virtually any project you give us.


Fabrication plays a key part in every kitchen. It’s easy to get right especially when you have the experience, we have that in abundance. We have designed bespoke fabrications that makes a kitchen functional and look fantastic.


We can fabricate virtually any metal component of a commercial kitchen, including, but not limited to:
*Ventilation hoods for kitchen ventilation systems
*Stainless steel commercial kitchen tables
*Stainless steel shelving
*Stainless steel wall coverings
*Custom ornamental work

We take prides itself on quality workmanship with our stainless steel products. We ensure highest standard welding procedures are in place and certified to the highest standards. When you make an order with, you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible sheet metal fabrication in Kingdom.

It’s one reason why clients from various industries choose us to supply them with quality manufactured sheet metal Fabrication. Our long standing relationships with our customers make us one of the leading producers of durable stainless steel products in Kingdom.

We take pride ourselves on our ability to work efficiently and productively in order to meet deadlines

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P.O. Box: 32276, King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Khobar – 31952.
Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA.


Phone: + 13 - 895 2343
Fax: + 13 - 895 2394