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There may not be current permanent facilities or they may not be able to feed the crowd. In such situations, are our modular kitchens the right solution for an event where food is served for any events such as  Sports events, Shows & Exhibits, Seminars, Concerts, Business Meets and more.

We might provide you with modules that serve as a central kitchen, preparer kitchen, storage room, freezer, dishwasher, etc., depending on your needs. For even greater mobility from position to location during an event, kitchens can be mounted or stationary on wheels.

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Organized Modules

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Highly configurable kitchen modules can be stationary or mounted on wheels to meet your kitchen needs and maximize versatility.

— 40Ft Long

Extended Cooking Area

Large Kitchen Container designed to handle demanding food preparation and cooking process.

— 20Ft Long

Basic Cooking Area

Small kitchen container designed to handle complete food preparation and cooking process

— 20Ft Long

Dry Storage Area

A small storage unit for food that do not require temperature control.

— 20Ft Long

Walk-in Freezer

A Small freezing unit used to store bulk foods and ingredients.

— 20Ft Long

Dishwashing Section

A small unit used to wash appliances, dishes and utensils and restock to be ready-to-use again.

The containers might be connected, creating a full, highly-efficient system.

Saudi Elan can provide a complete solution

  • Define all your needs
  • Prepare modular kitchens exactly to your specs and requirements
  • Install the kitchens before the start of the event
  • Ensure technical support (on-site or on-call) during the evnet
  • Disassemble the kitchen after the event
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